Saturday, November 14, 2009

In a rut

Not much to update storywise, but I've been redesigning Bianca's outfit so I can figure out how to fix my event CGs that involve her in them. Doodling in SAI is fun, adjusting the stabilizer and turning on pen pressure gives nice sketchiness :)

I'm making doodles and sketches of Bianca mostly to develop her character even though I'm still stuck on chapter one with her. She's supposed to have a complex perspective on life as a result of her childhood. She's not particularly depressing when she starts out, but she's not a very happy person either. She worries about clothes and boys like almost any other girl, but only to a point where it seems like she just does so out of obligation.

I should draw Zac and Aiden more.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And it was all yellow

I'm not dead yet! Stained One feels like it's dying off though... It's hard being the writer and illustrator for my own visual novel. It's mostly Deji who's helped me continue art for Stained One.

She is a sweetie who took the time to give me advice on what to do for Emily's dress. I really hated the outfit I put on her in the last entry that had her, but this is a design and color scheme suggested by Deji. I believe this will be Emily's official outfit.

And now, back to stressing out about college apps and AP classes.