Monday, April 11, 2011

Sharing is Caring

PHEW skipped March, there goes my blogging once a month streak.

School and the uncertain future ahead of me has been keeping me from my love of VN development and making me rethink about my skills. Oh the uncertainty.

I feel tempted to throw up an open development thread for Forest of Noir because honestly, I think I just need to be critiqued on everything I do. Art, writing, etc... That and I really do love sharing my work on LSF. Forest of Noir is supposed to be a short VN with just three endings, but somehow my twisted mind keeps thinking of making it episodic to continue the adventures of Belinda and Friends. Maybe I will make a thread, maybe I won't. Still indecisive at this point.

In any case, sprite above is finished, just needs more expressions. Camille looks sort of gruff, but he's an all around nice guy.