Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fall inside, slave of my love

Stained One will be on hiatus. For now, enjoy this sub-par image of Emily eating pizza which I have been craving for a while now.

If any of you follow Deji's blog, you know that I am collaborating on a short VN along with chrnoluminare. I'm the writer, Deji is the artist and chronluminaire will be our programmer. Of course this means, I'm putting Stained One on hiatus, but it's not like as if I had a set date for it like I did with [Phase Shift.] I'm very excited to be working the the very talented Deji and someone with programming experience like chrnoluminaire.

I just realized that I am the youngest person on our team. Yikes.

This means that as the writer, I will have to write diligently and clearly despite this story's shortness. Hell, if I can write essays in a span of forty minutes, I know I can at least write parts of a story with all the time I have.

I should get a rough draft of the beginning of the story done since I will be away for three days starting Monday and THEN there's Christmas after that. I'm a busy student after all. But time management is the key and I will not only be writing on my computer, I will be writing parts of the story in my handy notebooks while I'm away so I don't come back empty handed.

Right now, I'm listening to some Kanon Wakeshima music to get me into the mood of our story's genre (which btw we planned to be otome/supernatural/with a side of delicious macabre :)

Back to finishing the outline!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Wow, 18 days since I've last updated. Such a lonely, lonely blog. Well, since last month, I was busy getting college applications in which was a nightmare in itself and now it's December! I just have to worry about keeping up with schoolwork and grades so I will for sure have more time to work on Stained One. No work was done last month besides development sketches AND some extra help on sprucing up the character sprites... ;) So I will just humor myself by putting up doodles I've been able to bust out.

A doodle of a possible otome game heroine for a future game I've thought of. I've been reading about a lot of otome games and I've noticed that in most of them, you can see the girl's face in contrast with typical eroges with a male as a main charcter. (Although I've been reading Accany's blog and noticed that the faceless protagonist trend has considerably faded with recent VNs or it could be just me.) But yeah, I like this design for the main girl. I'm not quite sure what her story will be about yet even though I rambled to my friends about what it might be. :3

Drawing this and looking at the art for my kinetic novel [Phase Shift] makes me really, really, really, really, REALLY want to redo the art and make CG events for it, but TAT I can't wait to make a sequel for Ai Thao, she's one of my favorite OCs.

OCs that belong to me and my friend. Just wanted to play around with SD expressions :B

And finally, ANOTHER OC of mine. She's supposed to be a tomboy, but lately, she's been dressing in a more feminine manner. I really like how the braids turned out as well as that top. I'd so wear it.

That's the end for this dump! Next time, I will definitely update with progress on Stained One.