Sunday, December 19, 2010

Been a long while

Thanks to Deji's blog I can usually tell how long it's been since I've updated my blog. Her latest post inspired me to put up something that showed my improvement in VN sprite related art.

2008: This is when I first got my tablet. Messing around in Photoshop was fun, but it proved to be frustrating in its own right. It didn't have a nice fluid way to work with. In any case, it's still the first time I released a sprite and made a short kinetic novel using the sprite.

2008-2009: Started working on Stained One, but this is where it's obvious I am a lazy bum who doesn't know how to manage time with art. (Also Deji helped color this sprite that's why it looks very nice compared to the others). I was still struggling on how to color hair because my style and way of coloring kept changing like you wouldn't believe.


2009-2010: Okay, this is where I actually did stuff with CG and it looked okay. I was experimenting in Paint Tool SAI and it was wonderful. I loved the blending and adjusting of tools so much. And the hair on this looks GREAT! Problem-- the way I did it was too time consuming and argh.

2010: I drew a LOT this year and as you can tell I still have no idea what I want to do with hair and I have too many ideas I want to try out. Still, drawing is fun no matter how frustrating it can be and I honestly hope I will produce something of value in the near future :)