Friday, January 28, 2011

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Still working on Forest of Noir. I really am determined to finish it and not make it a complicated story even though I'm using this to practice branching. Kinda sorta.

Yes, the main character will be a cleaver wielding girl. I hope MSPA Homestuck doesn't keep distracting me though... Or college. I only have four classes this semester so I'll have more time to work on this project.

I have been thinking about officially getting help on Lemmasoft, but... Eh, I have my reservations and anyone who's been on LSF long enough know what I'm talking about (unless I'm being too vague), but yeah.

Whoo, I'm so good at this once a month posting. Wish me luck!

Belinda is angry at me for being such a slowpoke :'(