Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jogging towards the finish line...

I'M ALIVE. And still writing and progress is being made for Crimson Midnight. Each day I am writing parts of the story so Chrono and Deji can look it over, give their inputs and then Chrono can convert the script for Ren Py'. Busy, busy, busy and I have finals this week not fun. *___*

But even with the worst obstacles, one must go on! Therefore, have a moe Robin in cute clothing stare at you while this blog begins to yellow with age after my sporadic VN progress report.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Route 1!

WHY MUST THIS MONTH BE SO BUSY IN SCHOOL. (Which is why I procrastinate on French homework by finishing this CG that did not take me too long surprisingly.)

Anyways, no matter how much school work looms on the horizon, I will not let that stop me from writing at LEAST one third of Tristan's route in Crimson Moon. GO GO GO

Friday, January 8, 2010

Run, run, run

Because I've been working on Crimson Midnight with Deji and Chrono, I have had absolutely no time to post in my blog!

/end lie.

No, I've had time, but I didn't have anything of real interest to put up and therefore I made this sketch just to make my blog look interesting. :B I'm about halfway done with the prologue for Crimson Midnight and planning to write half of one characters route next week or maybe the whole thing so I can work on the last route the following week and that's when I can make major revisions. I feel so blessed to be working with Deji who also gives me good tips on writing. It just reminds me how much I need to improve if I want to even get going with Stained One on my own.

I feel it's a good thing I'm working on Crimson Midnight as the writer. I have other people on the team depending on me. If I let them down, I'm letting myself down.

Anyways, enough rambling, I am finishing this.