Friday, January 8, 2010

Run, run, run

Because I've been working on Crimson Midnight with Deji and Chrono, I have had absolutely no time to post in my blog!

/end lie.

No, I've had time, but I didn't have anything of real interest to put up and therefore I made this sketch just to make my blog look interesting. :B I'm about halfway done with the prologue for Crimson Midnight and planning to write half of one characters route next week or maybe the whole thing so I can work on the last route the following week and that's when I can make major revisions. I feel so blessed to be working with Deji who also gives me good tips on writing. It just reminds me how much I need to improve if I want to even get going with Stained One on my own.

I feel it's a good thing I'm working on Crimson Midnight as the writer. I have other people on the team depending on me. If I let them down, I'm letting myself down.

Anyways, enough rambling, I am finishing this.

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