Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Wow, 18 days since I've last updated. Such a lonely, lonely blog. Well, since last month, I was busy getting college applications in which was a nightmare in itself and now it's December! I just have to worry about keeping up with schoolwork and grades so I will for sure have more time to work on Stained One. No work was done last month besides development sketches AND some extra help on sprucing up the character sprites... ;) So I will just humor myself by putting up doodles I've been able to bust out.

A doodle of a possible otome game heroine for a future game I've thought of. I've been reading about a lot of otome games and I've noticed that in most of them, you can see the girl's face in contrast with typical eroges with a male as a main charcter. (Although I've been reading Accany's blog and noticed that the faceless protagonist trend has considerably faded with recent VNs or it could be just me.) But yeah, I like this design for the main girl. I'm not quite sure what her story will be about yet even though I rambled to my friends about what it might be. :3

Drawing this and looking at the art for my kinetic novel [Phase Shift] makes me really, really, really, really, REALLY want to redo the art and make CG events for it, but TAT I can't wait to make a sequel for Ai Thao, she's one of my favorite OCs.

OCs that belong to me and my friend. Just wanted to play around with SD expressions :B

And finally, ANOTHER OC of mine. She's supposed to be a tomboy, but lately, she's been dressing in a more feminine manner. I really like how the braids turned out as well as that top. I'd so wear it.

That's the end for this dump! Next time, I will definitely update with progress on Stained One.

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  1. The sketch in Blue is adorable, and Ronbin is awfully cute <3