Sunday, September 20, 2009

Character Art has finally begun!

For Stained One, I'm finally beginning on Emily Maxwell's character sprite. I'm being rather particular about the lineart more than I am about the coloring. Both good and bad although I do have a friend (Chimiko) who is willing to help me color the sprites. I'm going to have several different poses for each character, but so far this is the only pose that has complete lineart and base art. I will see if I can make several expressions tomorrow.

So far, I think making VNs purely as a hobby is difficult. If you just want to tell a good story, simple visuals are enough to hold up the story. Being more of an arist than a writer however, you tend to try and focus more on the visuals than you do story. A balance of both is what makes a good visual novel. Visual novels tend to be a group effort and not a one man (or woman) job. (Not including azurextwilight's amazing effort for Fantasia, Realm of Thanos project.)

I wish I could recruit the help of people besides close friends who I know would do an awesome job of helping me write and touch up my art... But then I feel like I'm imposing something on them and this project is rather personal. For my first short story, [Phase Shift] I was able to co-write with a friend because he knew my main heroine Ai Thao well and we shared the same wavelengths when it came to ideas. He has his own stories he wants to develop (and I want to see so he better get to it >( ) so I can't be taking up anymore of his time.

Better /end rabbling here before the time flies and I forget to do my French homework.

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