Sunday, February 28, 2010

Falling over, getting back up

Been awhile since I've written in this huh? Not a surprise, but school has been kicking my butt horribly, so much so that I couldn't get the writing done for Crimson Midnight. No fancy language about this: I failed at finishing within the two month period. I probably was way in over my head when I thought I could get a full story done and I let down my dev team. *sigh*

(In other news, I got accepted into my first choice college and got all excellent grades last semester except for my government class. So RL itself is tough, but rewarding)

It's the experiences that count though.

Although it makes me think. Maybe I'm not suited for a writing position? I'm more of a co-writer. I mean, I RP in my spare time as a hobby along with drawing anime and manga. And maybe I'm not good at writing different branches of a story. I'm rather linear minded so to speak.

Even if I failed at finishing a project, there is always a good thing that comes out of the bad. I was able to write a more substantial piece of work even if it is unfinished. (It will be finished sometime in the future however) I'm learning how to brainstorm better thanks to working with other people and how to be more consistent in my writing. Collaborating with people is also an important skill that was put into practice.

Thankfully in life and in visual novels, failure is not the end unless you let it be. I'll be going back to the art production of Stained One before tackling the writing. In fact, that was what I should have been focusing on before being absorbed in my storyline for it. In any case, over the past two months my CGing has improved if the WIP above is any indication. I'm not backing off from making VNs yet!

Now to download the games that HAVE been finished for the two month challenge and write a letter and draw a sketch for Deji.


  1. Looks like I wasn't the only one who didn't finish. So that's at least 2 VNs that didn't make it. Congrats on the acceptance at your 1st choice for college.

  2. @Draringi

    Two months to produce a nice VN is tough. Thanks for your congratulations, I'm quite glad to get into a college o/ I'll be working on my long term VN though so look forward to that at least.

  3. @maimai
    yeah. nice to hear work on that is happening. I'm looking forward to it. :)
    judging from the thread, only 1 VN was actually finished on time.