Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Shift Backwards

I've been wondering for the past few weeks. Is it really worth it to work on Stained One? Would it be giving up if I set it aside for a while to rework on my first kinetic novel that is nearest to my heart?

Stained One is by far a more complex storyline then any ideas I've had. I have a complete outline of what is to happen in all six endings. But now I'm not only stuck writing wise, but art wise as well. It's not that I can't draw the girls or even the guys.

But I wonder if I even had a connection to my characters in the first place. I already had given them personalities, but... Maybe this whole time I thought they were developed fully, but they actually were far from that. I thought about it some more and I realized that the characters with the weakest personalities were the boys, Zac and Aiden. Emily is a dear, I love her character traits, but I never could focus on the boys like I could with the girls. And without a strong cast...

I really am way in over my head.

Ever since I released Phase Shift I've gotten rather positive responses, at least for the story and characterization. Now that I've improved on art, I would love to make a remake of it and expand on the story much more. I read the story on my own and realize how many nuances and little parts that seem to make the story worthwhile, something that will be difficult to reflect in Stained One. So I probably will go back to it and sculpt it lovingly into a more beautiful kinetic novel that I want it to be.

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