Saturday, May 22, 2010

A bump in the road

With school work, graduation, and college coming up, it's a wonder I have time to draw at all. In fact, that's all I've been doing instead of actually writing my script for Phase Shift.

It occurred to me that although I'm decent at writing, when it comes to visual novels, I'm much more adept at drawing. So far, it's my character sprite art that has shown improvement. Next, I would need to improve on larger CGs like the one above... CGs that express action, emotion, something happening basically. I still have a co-writer at least, but otherwise, you still have difficulties in making a VN without much incentive except for the fact that it's fun. And I do have fun drawing and coloring my own characters to make my own stories.

I'll just keep chugging along in any case. I've had some thoughts about helping out with other projects, but that will be put aside for now unless something comes up. I'll have more progress on Phase Shift next month.

Also, I should make my blog prettier instead of having this stupid plain white background. Bleh.

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