Saturday, August 15, 2009


Still having trouble writing chapter one for Stained One even though I have a complete outline. Actually writing is always the hard part. =A=;

Which is why I make pictures like this when I don't have inspiration. I really miss writing for Ai Thao, she's just so mysterious. People on LSF have expressed interest in a sequel to [Phase Shift] as I might've mentioned before... Have I? Dunno.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Deji!!!!! Will be thinking up of a sketch to give as a birthday gift to one of my favorite and most helpful CG artists ever :DD

Hm, I'll force myself to write something so that my volunteer editor can have something to poke at. THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING.


  1. At least you *can* write xD; Good luck getting something done >O!!!
    And thanks for the greeting ^o^~~
    The picture is cute, but the arm looks weird ^^; It can be difficult to draw armas in that position Dx;

  2. @Deji- Yeah, I know it looks weird le sigh. But practice makes perfect! <3